The Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience & Lightning Components

Lightning is Salesforce’s reimagined UI that is modern, efficient, and smart. It’s a responsive mobile-first type UI based on the Aura framework.  Salesforce Lightning also encompasses the tools and technologies behind the new, UI-like, Lightning Connect, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Component Framework and Lightning Design System. Relevant information is surfaced for each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive.

What is Lightning?

What is New In Lightning Experience

  • Account Insights –  This cool new feature adds relevant and timely news articles about your customers from around the web, which help reps stay up to date on the Customers and Industries that they work with.
  • Lead/Opportunity/Case/Account/etc. Stage Path –  This feature allows reps to quickly understand the data at a glance. It shows you what stage paths there are, including what your team did last and what they’re doing next.
  • Kanban Board: Shows your entire pipeline by stage (needs analysis, proposal, donation pledged, estimate sent, etc.). You can drag and drop Opportunities, Accounts, Cases etc from one stage to the next.
  • Lists: Now featuring grid view with charts.
  • Automatic saving in notes: We’re not sure if this is true on every page but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!
  • Customizable Dashboards:  Much more attractive interfaces with better colors, responsive interfaces, and 9 columns as opposed to 3!
  • Point and Click Features:  Ability to move people and projects along easily with drag-and-drop. Advanced hover functionality which allows for editing within the hover pop-up, allowing the user to avoid navigating away from their primary work page.

Lightning Feature Availability as of Spring ’17 Release

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Why upgrade to Lightning?

  • To get the new, state-of-the-art, modern look and feel and move away from the outdated clunky look.

  • The new interface helps users get a more comprehensive snapshot of their work progress without having to analyze the data piece-by-piece.

  • All the newest features are being developed in Lightning.

Is Your Salesforce Org Ready for the Lightning Experience?

We at Infoglen specialize in analyzing your organization to determine if all the functionalities are available in Lightning Experience. Based on our findings, we can recommend when and how to deploy Lightning.
We are experts in converting existing implementations to be Lightning Ready, and building new Lightning Components for your Enterprise implementation and your App Exchange products.

The Updated New Look Of Lightning

 List View Data with Charts

You can view and create charts to visualize information about the records that they refer to most often. Three types of charts are available: vertical bar, horizontal bar, and donut.



Using this visual layout you can more effectively monitor progress with most of the Standard and Custom objects.
 Drag and Drop Records from one stage to another. Available in Lightning Experience only.


Create Stunning Dashboards Using a New Feature-Rich Editor in Lightning Experience

Can have more than 3 columns now, one of the most requested feature. You can also add Lightning Component to Dashboards





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