Salesforce Communities

What is Community Cloud


Community Cloud is a social platform from that is designed to connect and facilitate communication among an organization’s customers employees, partners or donors and volunteers. It is branded Web portal which provides seamless collaboration and engagement.

Let us show you how you can empower your Customers, Partners or employees with state of art communities that can be customized to your specific needs.


Types of Communities


The Salesforce Community Cloud offer 4 types of of communities

  • Customer Community. Geared towards the customer support, It is a one-stop, self-service shop for your customers. Members can log into find answers, can connect with one another to share their experiences and resolve their issues with the help of knowledge library
  • Customer Community Plus: It is more powerful than the Customer Community license, providing roles and sharing, reports and dashboards, and additional storage
  • Partner Community : Geared towards the sales side of business, opens up collaboration channels to your vendors, distributors, and resellers by making information accessible to partners
  • Employee Community : provides a single hub that can support all of the processes between your business and your employees. It is a 24/7 platform that connects your team by providing a full 360-degree view of each employee.


How Infoglen can help you


  • Help you select the  Community that is the right fit for your business and the services  you want to offer through community
  • Get your Community up and running quickly with Salesforce’s scenario-based templates.
  • Guide you to leverage Salesforce Lightning to revolutionize your Community  experience, by building communities much faster using pre-built accelerators and digital assets.
  • Build Custom communities to ensure that the look and  feel – the brand – of the Community aligns with your company’s look and values


How you can use Communities?


  • Communicate with prospective customers
  • Provide self-serve support via knowledge base\
  • Enable customer service to interact with customers and resolve their questions and support cases
  • Share knowledge and best practices with partners]
  • Collaborate with partners on leads and deals]
  • Give Access to files, policies and processes eliminating the need for training






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