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The Covid Opportunity


Most news and statistics these days center around, Covid 19, the global there are about 17.4 million people infected by this aggressive new virus, out of which 676 thousand have died; and the US, Brazil and India are the worst hit. Infection as well death numbers are surging, and there seems to be no end in sight. Scientists and doctors are burning the midnight oil to come out with a vaccine, but it seems Covid 19 is a tricky one.

Wise people say, every crisis and calamity also brings enormous opportunities. Let’s look at some hard data from the ground.

The video-conferencing upstart Zoom, has grown tremendously in terms of customer numbers, revenue as well as market capitalisation from people staying at and working from home during this pandemic, and it further forecasts aggressive growth this year. The company projects that it’s one set of customer base (of organizations with more than 10 employees) will jump from the present 75,000 to almost 300,000 in Q1 next year. Zoom’s stock price has tripled this year, boosting its market capitalization to about $59 billion.

What’s the picture closer home, in the CRM space ? Market tracker, and tech industry news and analyst agency Business Insider which had calculated the 2019 global CRM market at nearly USD 56 billion, expects to see big gains for CRM players, as Covid19 is increasingly affecting every aspect of life. Going forward, Business Insider predicts that more and more organizations will enhance dependence on CRM to protect and increase their business.

At a time when social distancing is becoming the norm, CRM is helping increase the operational efficiency of organizations with optimum level of interaction (yet minimum physical interaction) with the customers. This pandemic, raging across the globe, is expected to drive and shape up the demand for CRM over the next eight to twelve months. WFH policies, that are being implemented in almost every country, are pushing organizations to tap the market potential and handle their customers using cloud based CRM solutions. Players, specially those like Salesforce, that offer very comprehensive end to end solutions for ensuring customer delight pack more advantage. And it is not just about ensuring customer delight when Corona seems to be ravaging everything. Sales and marketing analytics, a key component of CRM is becoming a must for organizations as markets reset to a new normal in the post COVID-19 era, and is being continuously redefined and redesigned. Staying on top of trends and accurate analysis is paramount now more than ever to manage uncertainty, change and continuously adapt to new and evolving market conditions.

While the Covid19 tragedy is enormous and continues, there seems to be many many examples of how new opportunities are getting created, which hopefully should help us all in fighting and stopping Corona. Infoglen itself is a shining example. Many of you might not have noticed, but in the last four months, we have bagged several new business deals, and added many more software engineers, analysts, and other members to the team.

No wonder CRM leaders are super active. At the product and solution level, new features and capabilities are being added, like strengthening their ecommerce and retail applications offerings, and enhancing the cloud infrastructure and security where most CRMs sit today. Similarly, value adds like content curation and audience engagement features are being enhanced to give organizations access to billions of pieces of user generated content that can be streamed in real-time, right to their sites, ads, emails, TV, digital billboards, and apps. CRM players are increasing use of web-based interfaces and social computing. Market experts agree that there is a growing demand for hosted CRM services from small and medium businesses, and new jargons like social CRM and mobile CRM are gaining momentum, and will be a big factor for fueling CRM deployments.


Diary of Thoughts

From The HR Desk

Personal roadmap to excellence



  • Know the POCs. Be resourceful (Reach out to the right person for the right job. It will help save lot of TO & FRO time)
  • Start making a TO DO list (Human Brains have a limited capacity to remember things while multi-tasking)
  • Only commit If you know if you can. If you don’t, say I can try. (Other’s deliverables & SLAs depend on you)
  • Don’t miss out on timelines (0 Tolerance on SLA miss)
  • Handle your mailbox well / Be on top of your mails. (You should be able to recollect / relate / trace the respective mails in your mailbox when required)
  • Do not Over Stretch. Take periodical breaks. (You are neither a Super Human nor a computer. Fun @ Work is MANDATORY)
  • Listen to, Watch & Observe everything, but Do what is right. (Be patient with all your stakeholders, they will respect you)
  • Do not sit on any pending action item for a long time. (If you think you cannot do it, raise a flag to your leads & concerned stakeholders)
  • The Best and The Good performers can do the same work. (What differentiates them from others is their ATTITUDE & URGE to walk that extra Mile)
  • Prefer being a better human being first and do the right things. Bring the human touch in everything you do & it will anyways set you apart as a working professional. (People will remember you for how good have you been to them & others, while doing good for yourself)

At the end – Trust yourself and bring the change in you. You will do better than you think you can.


Salesforce News


  • Gartner Inc. has announced Salesforce as a Leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms.

  • Salesforce Order Management is expanded globally by Salesforce with its commerce, service and fulfillment capabilities to countries around the globe.






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