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The Hackathon Power

Fastracking growth of people, innovation, and business


You might not believe it, but our HackaGlen2020 is the first ever hackathon I am witnessing in my life.

Despite being a tech journalist for over three decades, I had somehow managed to stay away from this phenomena which has been accepted as a great way to initiate and achieve a lot of things ! I always thought a hackathon was where coders, gaming nerds, and hackers met, competed against each other, and showcased crazy ideas.

The seriousness with which hackathons are growing the world over, it is clear that hackathons are not just ‘fun & games’. Actually they are, but the goal is pretty serious. With my little understanding of how the tech (IT, telecom, etc) industry works, I can easily list down the reasons why Hackathons are important (and not just popular) and in many places, including Infoglen, the CEO and COO are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved.

The list is long. But everything about a hackathon is a win-win, for the person as well as the company. Hackathons are a fast track to growth. It helps create a spirit of collaboration, synergy and trust within the company. It helps identify the risk takers and the intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) in the company. It removes fear of failure from the team. It helps developers to get closer to the real world and market ground realities. Today, companies and their employees are organizing hackathons to build a culture of entrepreneurship, and a startup ecosystem, where the next steps are incubation centers, product development, and business acceleration.

All this is fine, but are there some success stories that have germinated from Hackathons? You will be shocked and surprised. At least I was. Twitter, the world famous and world leader microblogging and social networking platform valued at almost USD $ 35 billion today with over 332 million active monthly users was born in a hackathon to Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey. Similarly some of the things we use every single day, sometimes the first thing every morning when we wake up, like the famous ‘like’ button, or the ‘tagging in comments’ functionality are products of Facebook hackathons. And the rest, as we know, is history.

As we embark on HackaGlen2020, I see no reason why the growing and super talented teamof Infoglen cannot write history again.



Salesforce News

(Developments that Salesforce professionals cannot miss)


  • The new Sales Cloud 360 has redefined sales with enhanced Virtual Selling Suite.

  • The Next-Gen Field Service at Salesforce.

  • Salesforce announced Digital 360 platform to help leaders transform all the customer engagement digital and work-from-anywhere world.

  • Salesforce has introduced for vaccines which will help government and healthcare organizations efficiently manage vaccine programs.

  • How Salesforce ensures its products use inclusive language following the core value of Equality.

  • Highlights from the Cloud100 Summit held by Salesforce for all the top-performing cloud technology companies.

  • According to Salesforce predictions for the 2020 holiday shopping season, as an impact of pandemic there will be strained shipping capacity and the digital sales will hit the all-time highs.


Nikhil, our Delivery Manager from Pune, India team shares an overview on Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce’s Marketing cloud has multiple tools that are designed to efficiently manage a brand’s interaction with its current (and potential) customers across various channels. It allows for a company to efficiently manage all its marketing activities. These various tools are Social Studio, Advertising studio, Interaction Studio, Journey Builder, Email Studio, Audience studio and Mobile Studio.









What we can achieve

  • 1-1 context based customer experience and personalization
  • Customer journey based on segmented data and engagement criteria
  • Sentiment modeling of our brand by delivering the right message at right time
  • Prediction and recommendation engine based on AI based tools (Einstein analytics)
  • Orchestration engine to support next best offering

Social Studio

  • Enables social listening on discussion happening on company’s brand
  • Understand the sentiments from real discussions
  • Identification of brand advocates/promoters
  • Provide customer service via social channels
  • Manage engagement at scale
  • Helps in building audience in marketing cloud

Advertising Studio

  • Target audiences on their preferred channels
  • Reach audiences at scale
  • Find new customers with lookalikes
  • Optimize your campaigns to increase efficiency
  • Place more relevant advertising with ease
  • Automate lead creation from multiple digital platforms

Journey Builder

  • Identify the moments that define the customer journey, and use them to power
  • 1-to-1 relationships
  • Understand your customers with comprehensive data
  • Use one voice across every marketing channel
  • Visualize your strategies with journey mapping
  • Analyze to deliver the best experience
  • Understand engagement with deep analytics


Email Studio

  • Reach your ideal audience with great content
  • Automate everything and become more efficient
  • Use intelligence to discover the right audience
  • Build your messages with customizable templates
  • Engage customers along their journey with great messages
  • Deliver dynamic messages that inspire action
  • Enhance the subscriber experience
  • Power personalization with Einstein
  • Automate the email journey
  • Fine-tune as you go


Audience studio

  • Capture all your customer data
  • Segment your audience more precisely
  • Reach your customers — no matter where they are
  • Time perfect customer journeys
  • Get the tools to make compliance easier
  • Handle consent across multiple markets


Mobile Studio

  • Send captivating SMS and MMS messages
  • Get to know your audience with chat messaging
  • Power up your apps with push messaging
  • Trigger sends for the right moment
  • Automate your mobile marketing so you don’t miss an opportunity
  • Promote your brand to your nearest customers
  • Deliver beautiful push messages with rich content
  • Target location-based alerts further with beacons






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