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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 11, Issue 01 – April 2020


Outside the Box Thinking

Everyone has heard that it’s a good thing to think outside of the box. But what exactly does that mean, and why is it a good thing?

Thinking outside the box simply means that you’re willing to consider a different approach to your problem solving for reaching your end goal. Thinking differently can have a powerful and positive effect not only for us as a company but for each and every one of us in our careers.

If everyone just accepted things the way they are, or were supposed to work, there would be no innovation in this world. A lot of new companies and products have been built on improving on what we already have and then striving for a better and more efficient way of accomplishing the same. For example when Google was created, there already was a search engine that the world was using and did not know why they would need another search engine. The rest is history.

By thinking outside the box and questioning, you’ll constantly be considering how you could improve an experience, product, or service. That is the topic I want to talk about today.

In our context when you are thinking outside the box you are solving the problem by not limiting yourself with the mentality that this is not possible in Salesforce or this is the way Salesforce says it should be done. Rather you are looking at the problem with a mindset of finding creative ways to overcome the limits that Salesforce has put and finding workarounds.

Infact, there should be no box, there is a problem that the business needs to solve for and there are certain constraints in solving the problem. Look at each of these constraints and see how they apply, how you can work around them. Don’t make assumptions, if you assume certain things to be true then you will not be able to go past them. Communicate, research, and collaborate, these will help in finding ways to solve the problem.

Research and read all the documentation available, ask questions within the team and also outside your team. Collaborate with others and get a second set of eyes on your problem. Finally go back to the problem and put yourselves in the shoes of end users and understand what they are looking for.

One example that I can share about such outside the box thinking has been the work we are doing on Field Service Lightning, our team was challenged quite a few times by the limits that FSL being a managed pack has put on us in delivering what the customer is looking for. Our team worked tirelessly at always finding workaround solutions so much so that there have been changes made in salesforce documentation based on our feedback as well as patches pushed especially focused on what our team and salesforce worked together in solving the customer issues.

Moral of the story, when you allow yourself to look at all the possible ways you can solve a particular problem, you may in fact end up coming up with more creative ways to solve problems. When you’re open to looking at possibilities, the possibilities are endless! Even to the point where Infoglen can help Salesforce make their products more robust!


Infoglen Family

Infoglen celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

On 4th November, Infoglen celebrated 5 Years of reaching this milestone. It has been a remarkable journey which was not possible without hard work, dedication and guidance of Saba & Haroon and the incredible team of Infogleners, who put their trust, energy and hard work day in & day out.

Started in 2015, Infoglen is a Silicon Valley based Salesforce services company that has been posting a double digit revenue growth year on year. A Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, with expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities, and niche specialisation in CPQ & FSL, we specialize in delivering high quality and a broad range of CRM solutions and services to enhance an organization’s productivity, efficiency, innovation, and profitability by giving them a 360-degree view of their customers and helping organizations’ transform their customer experience. Our customers include large, medium, and small organizations focussed on digital transformation in sectors including Financial Services, Network Security, Autonomous Vehicles, E-commerce, Communications, M&A, High Tech, Construction, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Non Profit, and Staffing Services. Today we have a presence in San Jose, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Vancouver, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, and Noida with over 80 employees. And further expansion is on cards.

In the growing list of industry recognition, The Enterprise World, a leading technology and business magazine recently selected Infoglen Technologies as one of the Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers for 2020 in the United States. This is the fourth year in a row that Infoglen is being honored for their work and commitment to delivering world class CRM solutions. Earlier they featured in 2019 list of Top 10 Most Promising CRM Consulting Services Companies by CIO Review magazine; before that in 2018 list of Top 20 Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers by CIO Review Magazine; and in 2017 list of Top 25 Salesforce Solutions Providers in the US by the CIO Applications magazine.

Apart from our team our sincere gratitude goes out to all our clients, old and new without whose trust and support we would not have come this far the appreciations and testimonials from them have been inspiring and stimulating. Looking forward to more great experiences, expansion and excitement.


Salesforce News

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  • Salesforce Ventures has announced a second Impact Fund of $100 million which will accelerate the growth of cloud companies.






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