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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 02, Issue 05 – May 2021


The Pandemic & Human Resilience

I pray this piece finds you and your families in health and tranquillity. With more than a year into pandemic, we realize how connected we all are. It has taught us to be better humans by respecting the need to share and care more.

As knowledge workers, spread-out of the US, Canada, Dubai & India we are leveraging our network & resources for supporting everyone during these times.

Being a responsible company we feel it’s imperative to have safeguards & support-structures to help navigate the crisis collectively:

1. Covid Task Force: Set up by Fenil (Head HR), it acts like a crisis command center. The team is available 24/7 to support everyone in times of need.

2. Infoglen Covid Relief Fund: Directed towards medical infrastructure capacity building for depressed communities.


For the Future Holds Much

Salesforce guarantees business continuity through innovation. Their resilience is so infectious that even in times of looming uncertainty, the whole ecosystem and certainly Infoglen feels encouraged to step up – be more responsible and try to do more for our people. We all have seen the speed with which & Vaccine Cloud was employed to serve communities. We are encouraged by many Infogleners who have been a positive force in their respective communities!

We are also improving our processes for an enriching employee experience:

  • A recent addition is the payroll portal which gives us a total control on our investment & thereby the taxation.
  • An Infoglen community “INFOHUB” has been rolled out which hosts our Announcements, Celebrations, Leaves & Group discussions among others.

We are committed to the health & long-term prosperity of everyone associated with Infoglen.

I want to underline that we admire & respect every individual, who even in times of personal loss & distress have stood strong and have delivered on their work responsibilities, while at times being a care-giver for their loved ones. Your energy is inspiring! Human resilience & scientific temper is already winning!

As a closing note, let me share a thought we envision – a culture which inspires excellence in work & humility in world-view. We truly can bring a great positive change in society and the world around us if we pledge to excel in our work, are sensitive to the sufferings of others and ask everyday ‘how can I be my better self today?’



Salesforce Newsfeed


Salesforce is ranked #1 CRM provider for the Eighth Consecutive Year by International Data Corporation (IDC) in its latest Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker.

Salesforce and Disney Studios Content has announced a five-year innovation partnership to help support Disney filmmakers and marketers using the Salesforce platform.



Salesforce has announced that it has added a Sustainability Exhibit to all supplier procurement contracts with a goal of reducing the company’s collective carbon footprint.



Salesforce has announced Salesforce Learning Paths, which powers personalized learning in Salesforce so employees can learn in the flow of work, when and where they need it most.




We know that Salesforce Lightning is the way forward. So, what is stopping organisations from migrating to Lightning? To understand which possible factors are affecting organisations’ decision to migrate, Infoglen conducted a LinkedIn survey of the Salesforce ecosystem:



Salesforce DX: Build Together and Deliver Continuously


Avneet Kaur, our Salesforce Consultant from New Delhi, talks about Salesforce DX and its features.

Salesforce Developer Experience or Salesforce DX is a set of tools and features that improve the efficiency of development during the application lifecycle. It includes a “powerful command line interface and open APIs” which allows the developer to write their own script and automation. To start with Salesforce DX, you need to install JDK, Visual Studio Code and, Salesforce CLI. Salesforce CLI is a command-line interface that simplifies development and builds automation when working with your Salesforce org. You need to enable Dev Hub features in Salesforce org so that you can create and manage scratch orgs, create and manage second-generation packages, and use Einstein features. Following are some of the features provided by Salesforce DX:-

1. Scratch Orgs: Scratch org is a source-driven, fully configurable org. We can spin up a scratch org within a few seconds. The scratch org definition file is a blueprint for a scratch org, which contains the features, configurations and preferences. Say, you want to enable the multi-currency feature, you can specify that in the scratch org definition file. Scratch org can be used for implementation, testing, POC, continuous integration. Scratch org is a disposable org, with a default expiration date of 7 days. You set the expiration date between 1 to 30 days.

2. Source Driven development: Salesforce DX gives an opportunity to shift how you manage the source of truth for your project. In a project development lifecycle, for a team of developers, the source of truth is any environment that contains the stable, latest build of their project. It may or may not be in the same sandbox. Instead of piecing together the state of various environments, with Salesforce DX, your team can get the latest versions from a centralized source control system, like Git.

3. Unlocked Package: With unlocked packages, Salesforce DX helps to shift to a new way of managing releases and the changes you make in your org. Unlocked packages (suited for internal business apps) follow a source-driven development model where the source of truth is your version control system. Unlocked packages help you to add, edit, and remove metadata in your org in a trackable way. You can install an unlocked package to multiple orgs, and upgrade your Salesforce apps easier and faster. Unlocked packages can be created with or without a namespace. To create unlocked packages, you need to enable the 2nd generation package and require Salesforce CLI to generate it.

4. Salesforce CLI and Continuous Integration (CI): Continuous integration (CI) is a software development practice in which developers regularly integrate their code changes into a source code repository. To ensure that the new code doesn’t introduce bugs, automated builds and tests run before or after developers check in their changes. With the introduction of the DX CLI, Salesforce has opened up the possibility of automating deployment. Because Salesforce functionality can be performed via the command line, these commands can be scripted and executed from a variety of CI/CD tools. For example: when code is pushed to the master branch, you can create a github action to create a scratch org, deploy your code to a newly created scratch org, run all apex test classes and then delete that scratch org.

Salesforce DX requires heavy use of instruction from the command prompt, which makes things a bit different for the administrators. Some user-friendly features are yet to come up on this platform.



What’s Hot @ Salesforce

Vaccine Cloud


What is Salesforce Vaccine Cloud?

Vaccine management is a hot topic in enterprise software. While the world is recovering from the unexpected massive hit, companies need a technologically advanced and stable infrastructure to comply with it. Salesforce announced the Vaccine cloud in February 2021 to strategically manage, distribute and deploy Covid 19 vaccines through its customer 360 platforms.

If you think Vaccine Cloud sounds like a new world solution, here’s what you should know!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

  • Get a comprehensive view of complete vaccine management through a single dashboard and make data-driven decisions.
  • Get a faster response on who, how, and when to get your employees vaccinated.
  • Ensures availability and maintenance of vaccine doses through robust inventory management.
  • Single cloud solution for managing, prioritizing, and delivering supplies/vaccination.
  • Ability to manage vaccine distribution with centralized capabilities to reach a larger audience in a short time.
  • AI and data-driven tools to analyze, assess, manage and monitor community-wide vaccine results.
  • Access to pre-arrival screenings to promote safe vaccination and to avoid the on-site bottleneck.
  • Accurate capturing of Vaccine delivery information and to deal with the administrations with digital consent.

  • Availability of digital health credentials to show proof of vaccinations.
  • 100% digitized approach towards vaccination that allows managing data and insight along with alerts on rescheduling, the second dose of vaccine, and re-stocking of equipment.

With the new normal in place, your business needs a new working model and so do your employees. Join hands with the Salesforce Vaccine cloud to increase vaccine literacy, track and understand how vaccination can impact your reopening plans, integrated digital health technologies, and make your space a safer place to work.





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