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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 05, Issue 01 – May 2020


Attributes of Great Leadership

19 years of experience and exposure to the Corporate IT world has taught me a few things besides the usual technical stuff. 

On Leadership and great leaders these are the attributes I would rank among the top five which for me are the traits of a good leader.

1>  Integrity          2>  Passion & Vision          3>    Courage & Confidence          

4>    Great Communicator          5>    Humility

Integrity is one of the defining characteristics of a human being and by virtue of that extends to my definition of a great leader. A person lacking integrity is not trustworthy. Similarly, a leader lacking integrity would not be able to raise the amount of trust among his team to follow him through thick and thin. A person without integrity generally is the first person who jumps ship at the first sign of trouble.

A good leader has passion for the work he/she is doing and vision for the heights s/he would like to take his company, his people to. And to achieve that a great leader has courage and confidence to navigate uncharted waters, to take high risks where necessary. No company, no leader in the world would have made it big without taking the necessary gamble once in a while. That requires courage and confidence.

Every victorious king in history would have sat on his horse and with sword raised would have given an impassioned speech to his troops before they charged into the enemy, most of them to their deaths. That is the power of communication. Great communicators by virtue of their skill can raise the temperament of their fellow human beings, team members to such levels that people can do the undoable and achieve the impossible. Lack of clear communication on the other hand can bust the best laid plans and demoralize even the most enthusiastic and gung-ho team.

Humility for me is a new addition to the five great qualities. Humility was never my virtue. But in recent times coming across some leaders whose genuine humility touched me, I realized how powerful humility can be. To be at the top, at the position of power in your team, in your company, in your society but to remain untouched by that power, to remain grounded, to care for all the people around you, to listen to each and every one of their opinions. That is the biggest indication of a great leader.



Infoglen’s Technology Leadership


Major Network Security company appreciates Infoglen
  • The decision maker was all praise for Infoglen for successfully delivering the solution before time.
  • Another major stakeholder highlighted that the solution delivery was one of the high points of Q1.
Infoglen receives 5/5 Customer Satisfaction Survey score from a MajorTech Giant in cloud storage for consumer market
  • Infoglen got Kudos for implementation of Service Cloud & Field Service Lightning. 
  • Client had following words of recommendation – “Super efficient, knowledgeable and easy-to-work with. Equipped with deep insights and expertise to accomplish high-quality projects in tight deadlines.”
Infoglen organises a CPQ Webinar

Infoglen held a Webinar on The Nuances of CPQ with in-house expert Alex Selwyn, CEO Haroon Ahmad and special guest John Herson, Senior Manager at Rapid7.  They had a Fireside Chat with Peter G Goral about how CPQ tools help speed up the quote process.

Appreciation at  a Salesforce client Summit

 Multiple Infoglen projects showcased and presented as Trailblazer Spotlight at  Salesforce Client Summit. Highlighting our work on Service Cloud console with features to enhance agent productivity, Call Scheduling with Field Service Lightning and LWC based custom UI for Finance tool with SAP integration.



Interesting Stories


  • Salesforce has over 19% of the CRM Market. 41% of Salesforce revenue comes from Sales Cloud and 31% revenue comes from Service cloud sales.



  • Salesforce and inspiration for Startups.




Field Service Lightning

Hitesh from India Team shares an overview on Field Service Lightning.


What is Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning is a feature of the Salesforce Service Cloud which was launched in 2016. This provides a field workforce management tool – for industries where your workforce has to perform a job on client location like installations and repairs. Field Service Lightning gives you a powerful, highly customizable, mobile-friendly field service hub in Salesforce.










Field Service Players
Business use case

I need to install a new internet connection at my home. There is one company called the “Universal Broadband” which provides internet connectivity in my region. I can go to Universal Broadband’s website and Select my region and can book my preferred time slot when Technician can visit my home and set up the internet.

Using the FSL app, this will become very easy for dispatchers of “Universal Broadband”.Dispatcher,is the person who manages technician’s appointment  scheduling  with optimized travel times,

  • Setup Technicians and their work location: Technicians are (resources) only scheduled for appointments in their own regions (areas). FSL can help set up working hours and time zones for Technicians.
  • Setup Work Type: For “Universal Broadband” Company there will be two type of Work. “New Installation” and “Repair”. Admin can define skill and time required for this work type. 
  • Setup Scheduling Policy: Admin can set up predefined policy so appointment can be booked only for active an Technician who is in the customer’s region.
  • Travel time Optimization: Using Field Service Lightning’s schedule optimization capability we can optimize the travel time. This is very helpful and cost-effective for the company. Dispatchers can also track the live location of technicians.

After Dispatcher Schedule the Appointment (for “New Installation”) and assign- to a Technician, Technician will receive notification immediately on their mobile device in FSL mobile app.

Technicians will head out to my place for “New Installation” on Scheduled time. Once Job is completed Technician can provide a Service Report to get it Signed for  confirmation of work that has been completed.


Benefits of FSL

Increased Mobility While in the Field

  • Scheduling and Tracking in One Simple Step
  • Real-Time Monitoring Eliminates Delayed Solutions
  • Easy Customization for Your Company Needs
  • Travel time Optimization, Increase productivity and Customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize Job assignment to align correct technicians based on their skillset and availability.
  •   Connects customers, agents, dispatcher and technician on a single platform.

Determine service characteristics using entitlements.




The Importance of Staying Relevant


Even before the times we are in now it has always been important for organizations to be in full view of their clients with the intention of keeping them informed and supported in the services provided as well as up to date with developments that could possibly enhance their operations and sustainability.

Today as we are all challenged with the pressures of potential reductions, new limitations and unable to offer that comforting face to face interaction, it has become even more important to simply check in with our clients to see that they are in good standing, and if there is anything we can help them with to maintain some sense of normal even if it’s in a reduced participative manner.


The investment we make today in making sure our customers are not forgotten and feel cared for will be of even greater value when things return to the way they were. Relevance is best when it’s shared, showing our clients that they really and truly matter to us should always be on the top of daily “to do list”, and during such times as we are in, a little support goes a long way to maintaining our important relationships.

A simple email, call or zoom chat is all it takes. We have the ability to brighten someone’s life with a click of a link. We are all in this together, let’s make it obvious and do our best to fit in those people that are most important to our lives.







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