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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 03, Issue 01 – March 2020


A New Perspective Of Old Values

Peter G. Goral, Director of Marketing


As the newest addition to the leadership team here at Infoglen I feel I must acknowledge and pass on some insights to the team while my perspective is still fresh.

Much like many of you, I grew up with the idea that a business was a building, and that building had an owner, a boss if you will, and that person hired a group of people, usually individuals who would do as they were told because they either wanted and/or needed the job.

As I matured in my career, and actually became one of those so-called bosses, I found myself echoing the sentiment of the business owner as that quite honestly, was the best way for me to keep my job and hopefully get promoted to a higher and mayb

even a better paying position. Boy, how short-sighted that was of me.

Then came the reality in what I can safely label as mid-life when the pressures of an ever-growing globally competitive marketplace affected every business and the people were thought of as “headcount”, you have no idea how badly I despise that term, and the stress of the economics found the likes of myself along with many in the world of work considered redundant. It was never personal, it was just business they used to say, (another one of the most disturbing comments to me).

Today as we welcome the growth of the “gig economy” where intelligence and good customer service now outweighs the size of any business, I’m feeling rejuvenated and now living my very best life as someone who is appreciated for having survived those old-fashioned days of business and I welcome the new world of work. A place where people mean more than the buildings, in fact you’ll be happy to know that businesses are not and never were those buildings. Businesses have in many instances matured and are removing the barriers once created by those micromanaging bosses. The very best examples of those bosses have now taken up the new role of leader, a position that is in fact, not exclusive to them as the business owner.

Oh, how times have changed, and how fortunate I am to have found a group of people who believe in the old values of great customer service, and who think of people as partners and allies as opposed to workers who can be dismissed at will.

A business is and will always be the collective of people that goes about their day focused as one toward a very simple goal of partnering with and enhancing the client’s business. So, you can imagine my pleasure when I first met with Haroon and Saba and found that synergy in thought, and heart, and what a bonus it was to discover a magnificent group of empowered people working toward those very same goals. I can honestly tell you that I have not come across a company that operates like this in the past 20 years. You are all to be congratulated and commended for having the foresight and the heart to understand that YOU are the business, and that the growth and success of the company lies intimately in your hands.

Thank you everybody for the warm welcome you gave me last month, and I am honoured to be a part of this collective called Infoglen.


Infoglen News

Infoglen becomes CPQ & Billing Navigator


With the latest certification drive, Infoglen has achieved “CPQ & Billing Navigator” status from Salesforce (view details at our Appexchange listing under Expertise)

The Salesforce Partner Navigator Program helps customers find the right partner for their Salesforce implementation by highlighting the products and industries each partner specializes in, as well as their level of expertise in those areas. Salesforce evaluates each of its partners based on a variety of factors such as industry expertise, demonstrated Salesforce product knowledge, and record of customer success.
Way to go Team Infoglen – !!!!!! Congratulations


Infoglen Launches INFOHUB


The Infoglen employee community portal – INFOHUB was launched on 25th February. This is a collaboration portal for the entire Infoglen team where everyone can put up queries, seek clarifications, share experiences and knowledge, get information about other implementations at Infoglen, explore news ideas and thoughts, and updates on different activities and initiatives. INFOHUB also has a video library of discussions on hot topics.



Launch of Infoglen University


Saba Ahmad, Co-Founder, Infoglen Technologies, launched Infoglen University last month. This initiative will help the world in facing digital innovation and challenges of globalization and distributed workforce. “In order for us to maintain a strategic edge over our competitors, we need to invest in helping employees upgrade their skills and
competencies to adapt to these changing trends”, said Saba

What is a corporate university : It is a model for continuous learning

“A corporate university is an educational entity that is a strategic tool designed to assist an organization in achieving its mission by conducting activities that cultivate individual and organizational learning, knowledge, and wisdom” (according to They are critical to building competencies, driving change and supporting corporate competitiveness.


The difference between a corporate university and a traditional university.

Traditional universities conduct scientific research and grant degrees in a variety of disciplines. Corporate universities focus primarily—though not exclusively—on on-the-job skills, company-specific proprietary knowledge and branding, and certifications (according to


Key Elements
  • Provide framework for base knowledge about customers, new technologies, best practices and industry trends
  • Provide learning avenues for core competencies from within and outside the organization
  • Consolidate organisation wide initiatives and culture
  • Provide career development facilities
  • Continuous learning focused on innovation and process improvement


Mode of Operations
  • Live learning sessions are conducted everyday from (Mon-Thu) on ‘key focus areas’ by the internal leads who have expertise in those areas
  • These sessions are recorded and later shared on INFOHUB
  • Upcoming Learning Paths have been identified & more to be added (suggestions welcome)
  • External subject matter experts to be invited




Lightning Web Components

Shrikant from Pune team shares with us the power of LWC, the new programing model 


Shrikant from Pune team shares with us the power of LWC, the new programing model


Lightning Web Components is a new programming model for building Lightning Components. It leverages the web
standards breakthrough of the last five years, can coexist and interoperate with the original Aura programming model and delivers unparalleled performance.


Main advantages of using LWC


  • Avoid Server Calls

The main advantage of Salesforce Lightning is that we can avoid many server calls while working with Lightning Components and the reason behind this is the JS controller using JS we can manipulate the data into the controller and display as per our need.

  • Faster Development

Empowers teams to work faster with out-of-the-box components that function seamlessly with desktop and mobile devices. Building an app with components facilitates parallel design, improving overall development efficiency.

  • Device-aware and cross-browser compatibility

Apps use responsive design and provide an enjoyable user experience. The Lightning Component framework supports the latest in browser technology such as HTML5, CSS3, and touch events.

  • Event-driven architecture

It uses an event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components. Any component can subscribe to an application event, or to a component event they can see.

  • SLDS

SLDS means Salesforce Lightning Design System that gives you the power to style the component in your way, develop component as per your look and feel and you do not need to worry about responsive behavior it will take care all itself.

  • 2 Way Binding

It is one of the Salesforce lightning features that made me go “Wow” i.e. the two-way binding changes in the application state have been automatically reflected in the view and vice-versa. In fact, we could build our own directives with two-way data bound scope properties, by setting a configuration value.

  • Avoids ViewState Error

Another awesome feature is that we will never get view state error while working with the Lighting Component.

  • Lightning OUT

Here comes the true power of Salesforce Lighting that is Lightning OUT which gives you the power to take your Lightning Component to an external site and this is the thing that enables you to show Lighting Component into VF page.



Happy Holi

Hope this festival of colours brings peace, love and happiness in everyone’s life.








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