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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 05, Issue 01 – May 2020


2020 has been a year of great turmoil and brought with it uncertainty and fear. The global pandemic and resulting quarantine have raised many questions and concerns. Our first priority in these times is the physical health and overall wellbeing of all our employees.

Through it all, we have been able to continue working hard. All of you have been persistent in your amazing work every day, which is why we have been able to continue on our path and to ensure that our team has no reason to worry. With Salesforce being a cloud-based technology, we were able to very swiftly pivot to everyone working remotely from home. There have been some slowdowns, but most of our projects are going as planned and I am confident that even with all that is going on in the world, we will continue to grow and meet and exceed our targets.

With all that being said, this is still a time of change and unrest in the world. Here in the US, On Memorial Day, in the city of Minneapolis, an unarmed black man, named George Floyd, was killed because of police brutality. He was killed primarily because of the color of his skin, and no other fault of his. The emerging outrage sparked a movement that promises a long overdue change in the way the black community is treated in the United States.

It is essential, in this era of change and progress, to be on the right side of history. Racial inequality, discrimination, and injustice against the black community is intolerable. The fear and frustration that we are feeling must be channeled into action so that we can support the African American community. This unfortunate incident is not isolated, and change can only happen if we work together. Take this time to find ways to support the movement, to show unity, and to give your voice to the people. We all deserve to be respected, to be able to live our lives, to trust that our families will be safe.

Infoglen stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and with everyone who is on the streets to fight for their rights.

Racism and inequality have been an uphill battle for centuries, and the struggle for justice is one that must be borne without rest.

Let none of us stand idle, or look the other way when any of us is subjected to injustice. That is one of the most fundamental values, based on which great societies are built. We also believe such values are the foundation of Infoglen. If there is justice around us for all (not just a few), there will be peace, happiness as well as economic growth.


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Javascript Page Security Plugin

Nitin from the India team shares an insight about Javascript functions for CPQ.

Use Javascript functions to control field visibility and editability on your CPQ quotes. The functions isFieldVisibleForObject and is FieldEditableForObject are available starting in Salesforce CPQ Summer ’19 and can control field visibility and editability for both quote fields and quote line fields. When a method using one of these functions returns False, Salesforce CPQ locks or hides the chosen fields. The fields are unchanged if the method returns Null or True.



One function can also evaluate and act on quote and quote line fields at the same time, including twin fields. In this example, if a quote’s Customer Discount is greater than 10%, we lock the quote’s
Markup Rate field from edits. If the quote line’s Distributor Discount is greater than 10%, we hide the quote line’s Markup Rate field.





Up Close & Personal with Nafeesa

Nafeesa, Salesforce BA & Program Manager from US Team shared insights about her personal and professional life in conversation with Shoa.


InfoBuzz : What is the sweetest memory from your childhood days?

Nafeesa : Spending hot summer vacations with cousins eating cold mangoes with a nearly unlimited supply of them. How I miss those delicious Indian mangoes- specially Malda, Langda and Dussehri varieties!!

IB : If you had to describe your life in 20 words or less, what would you say?

NA : Quoting Robert Frost’s poem “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep”.

IB : What is your time management mantra?

NA : Prioritize ruthlessly and focus first on the most challenging things first and fast. In other words, fill the bucket with the biggest rocks before the pebbles.

IB : How do you balance personal and professional life?

NA : Working from home is hard in this shelter-in-place world. But I try to completely disengage from work (no checking emails!) when I am spending time with family. I also take solace that literally everyone around the world is dealing with similar or perhaps harsher challenges.

IB : What is one thing you hate most? 

NA : In people, I hate superficiality.

IB : What is your favourite pastime?

NA : I have always loved reading since childhood. I prefer fiction and my all time favorite book is Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown . I also enjoy gardening and have a variety of fruits and vegetables growing in my backyard. I love a lazy weekend afternoon enjoying a good novel and sitting in next to my garden watching birds feast from my bird feeder.

IB : If you had to live the life of a celebrity, who would it be and why?

NA : Michelle Obama. She was an accomplished First Lady of the United States and has served as a role model for women, especially of color. She has advocated for, and impacted, causes like nutrition, education and poverty awareness. One of my favorite quotes of hers is “When they go low, we go high.”

IB : What do you enjoy cooking most? 

NA : I love hot and spicy food and enjoy cooking anything that appeals to my palate. So it can range from Indian Chaat to Chinese Kung Pao chicken to Thai red curry. Although I far prefer dining on good food than cooking it 🙂

IB : What if you had 6 months of paid vacation? Where would you travel?

NA : There are too many places on my list, but my preferred ones would be an exotic tropical destination. I love the warm balmy seaside weather, so destinations like Cancun, Maldives, Bali or Bahamas would top my list.

IB : What’s one thing you like about Infoglen?

NA : I love the work culture here that makes you thrive at your own work, while allowing you a lot of opportunity to learn from others at the same time.






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