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Striving for Excellence

Hello Infoglenners, I hope all of you are doing well, taking all the precautions and staying safe. As this pandemic continues to gain momentum we have to make sure we don’t get quarantine weary and start to become careless. This will pass too, let’s use this time we have got away from distractions to focus on quality time with our families and our personal & professional growth. Pick up some hobbies, read some good books.

I would like to share some thoughts about a great book I have read on Management. It’s called “Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap…and others don’t,” by Jim Collins. This book identifies seven characteristics of companies that went from good to becoming great.

Level 5 Leadership- Cultivating Singular Leadership: Leaders with personal humility coupled with professional drive and passion.

First who….Then what: Before commencing a new program find the right team, people who care about your vision and will be passionate about what they do. Once you have the right set of people, then place them in the different roles until you find the best fit.

Confront the Brutal Facts: Be prepared to always face and hear the truth no matter how harsh it is and make decisions based on analysis of those realities yet at the same time, never give up hope. Hedgehog Concept: which can be summarised as a venn diagram of three overlapping circles:

Hedgehog Concept: which can be summarised as a venn diagram of three overlapping circles:

  • What is your passion?
  • What are you best at doing?
  • What can make money from the above two?

Culture of Discipline: Allow individuals freedom within a clear framework of responsibility and retain self-disciplined people who are driven to produce results.

Technology Accelerators: Using technology to accelerate growth, within the three circles of the hedgehog concept . Don’t rush into using the latest technology but a good rule of thumb is “crawl, walk, run”—slow down and think about how a technology can help you realize your goals.

The Flywheel: To start a heavy flywheel spinning takes an immense amount of effort, but once momentum kicks in, it looks unstoppable. The “Flywheel Effect” is the result of a long period of dedication and discipline focusing on your strengths or in other words your hedgehog concept. They do not come overnight from a planned action or one lucky break.

The author quotes “Good is the enemy of great”, and that is the point that I would like to talk about. For an organisation to become great, it begins with the leadership and the environment. The Leaders have to provide the kind of culture that motivates people to strive for greatness, to provide an environment that rewards professional drive and excellence. A disciplined atmosphere through a broad framework of responsibility with freedom .
Once you have that right environment the next step is to have a team that believes in the company’s goals and vision and be ready to become great performers. You need to love what you’re doing because If you love what you’re doing, then it will turn into your passion and your work will be great, and your life will be great. Some of the most successful people are those who are not just doing what they are told but passionately working on ideas they believe in and trying to excel in their chosen fields. They are self-motivated and energised at being part of a team that is expected to produce great results.

Great performers do not typically have more knowledge than others; they simply do more with what they were given. They are more successful at establishing it as a norm to be better at execution and better at reducing inconsistency Another interesting idea in the book is The Hedgehog Concept which was originally based on an ancient Greek saying, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing” and sticks to it.

So the hedgehog business concept can be summarised as the intersection of three overlapping circles:

  • What are you deeply passionate about?
  • What could you be best at doing?
  • What can make you money ?

It can take companies a few years to adjust goals and strategies to get to their Hedgehog Concept, but I feel at Infoglen we have found it. Our passion about
salesforce, our team to excel in it and some great customers to help us make money, we just need to continue striving towards excellence.

This concept can be used for our individual professional growth as well once we find our personal Hedgehog, nobody can stop us. In pursuit of excellence the reward is not just the thrill and excitement of making the mark, but a deeper and more meaningful sense of satisfaction of doing what you love. Let’s all try to find our hedgehog concepts and never be satisfied with just enough or just being good, let’s all strive towards greatness.



Salesforce News

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic that the world is going through, Salesforce organised its first virtual TrailheaDX.

  • Salesforce has launched a Racial Equality and Justice Task Force to help drive a systematic change in workplace and community.




Srikanth from US Team talks about his previous project and also shares an insight about Salesforce techniques used in that project.

Accomplishments in my last project

My last job was in a sales company which generates revenue by selling the products to customers using retail, B2B (Business to Business), D2D (Door to Door) modes. They generate revenue with commissions.
They have ICL (Independent Corporate Licence) Offices nationwide and have many sales reps for each office. These sales reps use Salesforce Apps to sell the products to the customers. They have many products like ATT, DirectTV, Amazon Key for Business..etc. They consider these are Client Campaigns.

Before I joined, They had a lot of customizations in Salesforce with Apex classes (above 8 Million chars of code), VF pages with Angular. Lots of customizations with no proper architecture with tightly coupled code. Any change made will break the other campaign apps. The Jenkins build with all test cases used to take about 1.5 Hrs. If any new campaign comes in, they used to copy-paste the existing code to make it work.
When I joined, I was given a huge responsibility to work on a Template project. This needs a single code base with multiple configurations. A configuration driven project with a single code base.
We have to develop front-end and back-end. I have chosen the LWC (Lightning Web Components) for the UI. For the back-end, I have chosen Apex with SOC (Separation of Concerns) patterns which are Enterprise Design Patterns.


I got to know about the power of LWC since it uses modern web standards. Browser engine executes these LWC instead of having layers on top of JS like Angular, React, Aura. So, LWC is quite faster than the Aura.



Since the Application is complex and all the campaign UI should also be configured instead of coding every Campaign form in the LWC page. Every campaign will be different with a different set of form elements. So, I thought of using Redux for maintaining the state of the campaign on the client-side. Redux is a state management library from React framework. Redux can be used with any javascript framework. The idea is to get the configuration (which includes the validations as well) and render the forms on the UI. Reusable LWC base components have been developed. So, whenever we need to develop a new Component, we have to just extend the base class which takes care of connecting to Redux. This is a huge win.


SOC (Separation Of Concerns) patterns

Since I have a Java background, I know the power of the SOLID Design Principles and wanted to apply in this project since it needs a single code base. Any customization based on the campaign, we will have a subclass with some methods overridden and can be injected using Dependency Injection at runtime. We have a package available from Andrew Fawcett with a name fflib for implementing these design principles. So, with minimum code, we use it to configure all the new upcoming campaigns within hours rather than months previously. This saved our client a huge amount of time.


SFDX Unlocked packages

They used to have an ANT build system which takes around 1.5 hrs to complete all the test case execution for deploying. So, I proposed the unlocked packaging strategy for this new project and made them agree to this since these are modular and we no need to build everything. But we got an issue with the packaged classes that depend on the legacy classes (that go in the ANT build). Then, I used the class interfaces to go with the package and inject the actual implementations with Dependency Injection at runtime. With this strategy, it only takes just 5-7 minutes to create a package version instead of 1.5 hrs ANT build. This is a huge win for the client. They have both legacy and unlocked packaging now. After seeing such a huge difference, they are planning to move to this packaging from ANT builds. I would say these 4 techniques as a bundle will go very well in building heavy customizations in Salesforce with reusable resources. This way, we can build reusable, scalable, maintainable code for future projects.

Here are some salesforce resources







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