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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 04, Issue 01 – April 2021


Excellence in Service

“Where do you see yourself 5 (or 10) years from now?” “What are your long term life goals?” Many IT companies have questions like these in their annual appraisal.

In my younger days I would write the usual gibberish. I see myself becoming a Tech Lead or Manager etc. or working on the latest technologies etc etc.

Few years ago I contemplated this question. After a lot of thought I came up with 2 important life goals for me.

I have seen a lot of my female colleagues have to quit their jobs because of personal reasons, marriage, childbirth, in-laws issues. Being an Army wife myself, l have seen many working army wives also give up their professional careers due to frequent postings. I would like to set up a company which would give employment to such women who were forced to take a break in their careers and are looking for avenues to make a re-entry in the corporate world. If I could do something to change the lives of women caught in such unfortunate circumstances, I would feel honoured.

The second life goal for me is to set up a rehabilitation center for abandoned women. In India even today women are thrown out of their homes due to dowry issues or only having a girl child or no child. Many women have no place to go because they would rather come on the streets than supposedly bring shame to their parents and family by going back to them. I would like to do my bit and empower these displaced women.

This is not a 5 yr or 10 yr plan for me; rather my life goal.


Salesforce News

(developments that Salesforce professionals cannot miss)


  • Forrester Research has ranked Salesforce as Leader in Experience Optimization Platforms 2020 report.
  • IBM Digital Health Pass will integrate with Salesforce to help organizations and individuals provide vaccination and health status in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Salesforce supported San Francisco’s small businesses by providing $10,000 grants as they struggle due to pandemic.
  • Salesforce is chosen by most of the global agencies to schedule and manage COVID-19 vaccination campaigns.


“Our mantra is to seek feedback, and exceed expectations”  

Nitish,  our Sr Engineer, QA Automation talks about some of the things that he and his team have done in a project for supporting enhanced CPQ () functionalities of renewals, amendments and forecasts, for a Boston, Massachusetts based Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions and Services company.

InfoBuzz : Can you briefly describe the project you are working on? And what specific business problem are you solving for the client?
Nitish : We are working on CPQ implementation for the company’s pricing model with all Advance CPQ features. We have worked on acquiring new customers, upsell, renewals, subscription and contracts by better using new model. Some of the major business problems that we came across were pricing visualization, forecasting, tracking the product changes in renewals, partner discount, license fulfillment and consumption.

InfoBuzz : What is the solution you are providing for the above problem; and what Salesforce technologies did you use for the solution?
Nitish : We have been focusing more on OOB CPQ features and added custom logic on top of it to accomplish the business needs. Also adopted SpringCM for pricing visualization matrix. Our goal was to provide architect level and business oriented solutions to our client.

InfoBuzz : What was the special thing that you did in the project that delighted the client?
Nitish : There are several things that we are working on, using and leveraging the new model, for which I believe that not just technical knowledge, but business understanding is also essential. Some of the key activities include pricing visualization matrix, tracking the product changes and providing detailed documentation of all implementations for future reference. Our mantra has been to seek feedback, always strive to exceed expectations, and ensure early delivery. This has helped us to establish trust, and enable tailored communications between the client, and our team of developers and QA.





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