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Dear Friends !

It is my pleasure to present to you our newsletter InfoBuzz, that will update you, regularly about Infoglen and what it’s members are doing to make it a great place
to be in.

Last few months have been highly action packed. We got rave reviews from our clients; Salesforce upgraded us to Silver Consulting Partner considering the increasing quality and quantity of our work. We have started operations in Vancouver and Hyderabad and the HQ moved to a new and bigger office in San Jose.

To recognise our performance, leading trade magazine CIO Review once again rated us amongst the Top 10 Most Promising CRM Consulting Services Companies for 2019. There were several other reasons to celebrate that you will read as you scroll down.

In the midst of these great achievements, I must also share my mission and vision for Infoglen. If I have to say that in two words, it’s Customer Delight. I firmly believe, that as a company and it’s employees, we exist because of our customers. Therefore each and every thing that we do should be to bring a smile on the client’s face and cheer in the clients’ heart.

Never forget this message and never leave this path, whatever be the challenges. If at any point you come to know that customer satisfaction is being compromised, please let me know and I will personally ensure that we do everything possible for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

I can guarantee this approach will not only take Infoglen as a company ahead, but it will make all of you highly valuable professionals.

Before I sign off, let me wish all of you a Merry Christmas & very happy and prosperous New Year 2020 !



Infoglen News

Recognition by CIO Review


Infoglen was selected among the Top 10 Most Promising CRM Consulting Services Companies of 2019 by CIO Review magazine. This recognition is a salute to our team that is dedicated to serving large, medium, and small clients in high IT leveraging sectors including Financial Services, Network Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Online Market Place, Communications, M&A, IT & High Tech, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Non Profit, and Staffing Services.




A new Head Quarter now


Infoglen has moved its headquarters to San Jose, California. The new office is bigger & plusher and very conveniently located within two miles of San Jose International airport, at the heart of Silicon Valley. The ground floor has a very nice open, airy eating place with lots of green trees around. And the best news is that the building has a great gym to. Good news for everyone


(top)100 Century Center Court, San Jose where the new Infoglen HQ is located ; (bottom) Team lunch after the office inauguration.



Hyderabad Office Inaugurated


Infoglen inaugurated it’s Hyderabad operations. To seat 11 team members initially, the 4th floor new office has bio-metrics based access system, and is located right next to Manjeera Mall in Kukatpalli, not far from Jawaharlal Nehru Technolgy University. The Ribbon Cutting was done by team member Sridevi, followed by laddoos & a mouth watering team lunch at “The Chutneys”.

Some colleagues wanted Hyderabadi Biryani, so maybe next time.


(1) Manjeera Trinity Corporate tower, where Infoglen opened it’s Hyderabad office; (2) Group photo at the office reception; (3) Lip smacking Motichoor Laddoos, Kova Badushas, and Dodda Burfis after the ribbon cutting of Infoglen Hyderabad office; (4) Team lunch with Garlic Dosa, Babai Idli, Andhra Thali, MLA Dosa, Filter Coffee, and many other yummy stuff.



Up Close & Personal with Mukul

Mukul, Senior Salesforce Consultant from India shared insights about his personal and professional  life in conversation with Shoa.


InfoBuzz : What is the sweetest memory from your childhood days?

Mukul : When I got my new cycle.

IB : What did you want to become when you were a kid?

MK : A soldier

IB : What is your time management mantra?

MK : Morning health time, afternoon work time & evening call time. Weekend, friends and family time.

IB : How do you handle difficult clients?

MK : People who lie too much.

IB : What is one thing you hate most? 

MK : I hate when people do not understand each other’s problems. We should not cause problems for anyone, be it humans or animals. I want to be a solution giver rather than someone who constantly complains about problems.

IB : What is your favourite pastime?

MK : Outdoor games like cricket, volleyball and online games & movies.

IB : Who is your hero and why?

MK : Akshay Kumar : he is fit, a good actor and a good human being.

IB : What do you enjoy cooking most?

MK : Any veg dish except rotis.

IB : What kind of a girl would you like to marry?

MK : Cute, understanding, who will understand my family.

IB : What’s one thing you like about Infoglen?

MK : Good people and friendly environment, everybody helps each other.





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