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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 02, Issue 01 – February 2020


Message From Our Co-Founder


Hello Infogleners,
2019 has been a rewarding year for Infoglen. All of your hard work, customer commitment, and contributions to company initiatives have been essential to our success. We are growing at a fast speed and it may seem chaotic at times, but the goal is always to build a growth mindset, be competitive, and establish an outstanding workplace.

In the upcoming year, my hope for everyone is to continue our customer-first commitment, to seek out opportunities for personal growth in new initiatives, and
to continue addressing challenges head-on. To facilitate learning, we are launching “INFOHUB” our Infoglen community, a platform for all of you to Engage, Collaborate and Learn.

As an organization, we will continue to invest in building a strong organization, putting together processes, infrastructure, and people that we need to take us to the next level. We will be focusing this year on strengthening our Sales & Marketing initiatives, to meet our targets, as well as streamlining our efforts in Recruitment & Delivery to create more efficient recruitment processes to help deliver higher-quality and on-time solutions to our customers.

As a first step towards these goals, we have hired Peter G Goral as Director of Marketing, who not only has great experience in the area of Marketing and Business development but also has expertise in executive hiring.

Peter is driving the new customer-centric growth agenda for Infoglen. Creating a growth-ready organization means reinventing the entire company and brand, starting with being a partner to our customer and not a vendor or service provider and working backward. This is a paradigm shift in our positioning, and I would like to talk a little bit about this new direction. We need to see if we are vested in the success of our client’s projects?

Here are a few questions that we should ask ourselves, in order to become a customer-centric organization

  • Are we approaching our customers to understand their unique needs or do they have to approach us?
  • Are we worried about how our client would best spend their IT Budget or do they have to be worried about that themselves?
  • Are we updating the customer about project delays and scope reductions or do they discover these themselves late in the process?
  • Who escalates a problem or issue: us or them?
  • Have we ever told our customers how they could be a better customer?
  • How can we guide our customers to be able to get the maximum ROI from their systems?

I encourage everyone to look for ways to increase your participation in helping to make our company more effective, efficient, and competitive in the weeks, months and years to come.


Infoglen News

TrailheadX India 2019


First-time Salesforce organised a two-day TrailheadX in Bengaluru, India from 19-20 December 2019. Darshan Chhajed and Akash Garg had represented team Infoglen at the event.They shared their experiences as well.

Since this was the first event directly from Salesforce in India, it was huge and as per Dreamforce standards.



  • There were about 4000 attendees.
  • There were multiple sessions on the latest technologies going on in parallel.
  • Demo booths were there to give quick overview to small groups.
  • Sponsor booths were there to know about them and their innovations.
  • There were some live Mini Hack Camps, to solve problems on the spot and get rewarded.
  • Multiple hands on sessions were there to help understand from basics.
  • And the main keynote sessions, where we heard from the Salesforce Team and leaders.
  • On Day-1 we had a mega celebration with all attendees which really shows the energy SF community has.
  • The event ended with an hour session with Saina Nehwal where she talked about her challenges and strengths.
  • There were sessions focused on certification and its importance, which was great.
  • The new trailhead GO and mytrailhead concept to skill everybody.
  • The importance of Salesforce Values – to give back to the community
  • Salesforce in India is going to school/college level to uplift the quality of life and education

Overall it was a great experience.





Some highlights from the event:
  • Salesforce said by 2025 they will be generating 5+ lakhs of jobs in India alone.
  • Salesforce LWC is a way to go. Almost 90-95% of demos were with LWC.
  • Salesforce is opening up to more and more to other platforms and adopting CICD approaches. Apart from Salesforce’s, almost all other Salesforce platforms are not compatible with Apex. So there is a strong call for us to learn at least Node JS/Python/Java.
  • Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud are in demand over all other certifications. The reason being you can’t learn those unless the client has obtained it. So very few certified people.
  • Personal experience, join a local trailhead community and be an active member. This will help us to learn and explore new features with a real use-case.
  • Salesforce is slowly opening to other platforms and making more things with clicks.

Here are some of the Salesforce Product Session I have attended. I tried to capture the essence of each.

Salesforce Blockchain: It will be GA by the end of 2020. It is very easy as it integrates the Salesforce native with another’s system which is in the same network. No need to define different databases for the chain as it will be as easy as creating custom objects. No need to write codes as admin can maintain a chain network with clicks.

Salesforce Evergreen: Invoking some functions written in some other platform. It will be easier to build microservices with the help of this. Very interesting and new technology to learn.

Salesforce Customer 360: A platform that includes everything for customers. It was very much marketed by Salesforce on center stage. This includes AI to LWC, everything in Salesforce and all integration are in Salesforce with Mulesoft. So eliminating the need for other systems.

Salesforce API portal: All Salesforce API in one place. So many new API to explore.

My Trailhead: This is interesting. Now companies can create their own trailheads and have a path for their partners and employees to learn anything.

Lightning Flows: Salesforce bringing more power to flows. Now you can add LWC in the flows, call external web services in the flows. Flows can be scheduled as well.

Local Development Server: Salesforce components can be developed locally and tested. It can, later on, be deployed to production or UAT providing the CICD aspect.

Salesforce Private Connect: Not GA yet. Now salesforce can be connected to AWS private cloud using Node JS and pre-configured network.


Infoglen’s Year End Holiday Party


The US Infoglen team celebrated Year End Holiday Party in their new office at San Jose. The team had a great time playing White Elephant Gift Exchange game, sharing good food, reminiscing about best vacations and ending it with an inspirational review & vision session for 2020.



Katie shared how to play the game of White Elephant Gift Exchange- each person brings in a wrapped gift and then each person draws a number. Whoever drew #1 goes first and picks a present and opens it. Then whoever drew #2 goes and that person can either take the gift that the #1 person opened or they picked a gift from the pile and opened it. You keep going in numerical order until everyone has a gift.
Have a Great Year ahead Team!



FSL Learning Initiative led by Tausif


Tausif is coordinating the FSL learning series so that more team members get trained in this area. According to Tausif, Salesforce Field Service lightning brings together the entire workforce, products, and customers on a single platform to deliver exceptional on-site service. At Infoglen, we’ve identified key FSL application areas that leverage Core Field Service Lightning, Field Service Lightning Managed Package, Field Service Lightning Mobile App and have built integrations to implement tailored solutions in our more recent servic offerings. As we embark on an exciting journey to discover more and build integrations, this year we look forward to unraveling the Salesforce FSL potential and put it to the best use of our customers.

Vinod G is leading Infoglen FSL Center of Excellence. The team is currently working on multiple FSL implementations in Top Bay Area Tech Companies.
Good Job Tausif and Vinod!



CPQ Initiative led by Omar


It is our mission to position Infoglen globally as a premier Salesforce CPQ and Billing company. Alex, Mukul, Nitin, Leela, Hari, Akash, Mayur, and many more are part of our growing CPQ army. We are doing multiple projects in the CPQ area including specialized solutions for some great security companies. With a laser focus on CPQ specialization and Omar is leading and coordinating the CPQ learning series to get more employees trained in this Speciality area, we feel we are well on our way to making Infoglen a premier CPQ and Billing company, and that in turn, will help drive an increase in our customers’ selling potential, revenue, and overall success.
Great work Omar and the CPQ team!



Lightning Web Components learning Initiative


Soon Lightning Web Components learning initiative will begin which Shrikant will be leading. Stay tuned for more information in the next issue.



Republic Day Celebration at India Office


On 24th Jan Infoglen Gurgaon and Hyderabad Office celebrated Republic Day at their respective locations. They decorated their work spaces with tricolour balloons, sang the National Anthem and had good snacks.
Happy 71st Republic Day!









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