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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 12, Issue 01 – December 2020


Excellence in Service

Excellence and Service are two different words, and can be used separately in many ways. But in the context of our work at Infoglen, they need to be brought together.

If there are three words that describe Infoglen, I’d like them to be “Excellence in Service”.

Those are the words our customers, employees and partners need to think about, whenever Infoglen is mentioned.

Let me expand on my understanding of this term.


A mentality to serve others for the larger good, without selfishness, without ego, with patience, and humbleness. A desire to provide services with courage, integrity and yes, with mutual respect and dignity.

Serve without allowing ourselves to be drawn into any kind of negativity, forgive others often, assume the best of others.

Serve not just our customers but also our team mates, dedicate ourselves to making both our customers and our team mates successful.

In the tech industry, and otherwise, Excellence in Service also means being innovative, thoughtful and diligent in our approach, and recommendations.

Excellence cannot be achieved without an unquenchable thirst for and pursuit of knowledge. So acquire it at whatever cost you need to pay. And remember:


“The end of all knowledge should be service to others” – Cesar Chavez


Excellence in Service comes when we approach our work with our hearts, not just our minds; when we show empathy to our customers and our colleagues.

Excellence in Service comes when we overlook others shortcomings, and embrace people we deal with as human beings rather than just work centered interactions. Keep in mind that :


“Knowledge will give you power, but character will get you respect.” – Bruce Lee


Excellence in Service is achieved also when we uphold our commitments and promises to each other, and our customers. When we don’t say things lightly, when our words and actions are thought through for all their implications and impact for our team and our customers.

And of course to deliver the best possible Salesforce solutions to our customers, within time and within budget and very importantly with a smile is key to being recognized as the best Salesforce Services company.

But to have the energy and the motivation to provide a high level of service, we need to invest in ourselves. If we are not strong in mind, body and spirit, then we won’t be able to be of quality service to others.

So, please take very good care of yourselves and your loved ones. Relaxation, rest, exercise, diet, meditation, and devoting your time to hobbies or public service activities, like being part of a local volunteer group, will all help us be happy, healthy, and strong.

2020 wasn’t the year we expected it to be. It changed the way we think and do business and it challenged us in many ways.

But difficult times often inspire adaptation and even growth. Covid -19 Pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for businesses. That is the reason I feel that this year has made Infoglen better and stronger as we stepped up to meet this growing need from customers to move to a technology solution that would allow them the ease of working from anywhere.

This holiday season, please accept my gratitude for all your hard work and contributions in 2020. You believed in Infoglen, committed yourself to the customers, and made possible our most successful year so far!

In 2021, we have high hopes and aspirations of going even further. My vision for our continued growth and success is simple – think big yet compassionate, and always do the right thing.

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart, and wishing you a very happy and joyous Holiday Season and a blessed New Year!



Salesforce News

(developments that Salesforce professionals cannot miss)


  • Salesforce featured in Fortune Magazine Future 50 list for the Fourth Year in a row.
  • Updates from Dreamforce 2020 to You.
  • Salesforce signs agreement to acquire Slack and Acumen Solutions.
  • Salesforce introduces Einstein Automate to enhance efficiency and speed of work.

  • Salesforce has announced Partner Innovation Award Winners for 2020.

  • Salesforce has launched Customer 360 Truth to deliver a single source of truth for every customer experience.

  • Customer Centricity Index is launched for the first time by Salesforce and Bloomberg Media, which highlights companies that are focussing on customer needs first during the pandemic.






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