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Monthly Newsletter, Vol 04, Issue 01 – April 2020


The LCPG Factor

When I speak to young professionals who are exploring a new job, I realise that almost every one of them is trying to understand the Learning Curve Growth Path (LCGP) the organization offers. The new generation or the gen-next is often labeled as Job Hoppers and Offer Hoppers, however I believe the exciting reality is they are looking for an enriching and rewarding career.

The question, therefore, before all of us, as employers or as those seeking employment is, What kind of organizations offer high LCGP ? Going back to my discussions with this new generation professional, I sense these are the following check boxes she or he will try and tick to gauge any organization’s LCGP Factor.


  • Am I going to work on leading and cutting edge technologies so that I can enhance my tech competence? 
  • Does the organization offer job rotation, or will I get a chance to explore new things to diversify my experience?
  • Will I be empowered to take some decisions on my own so that I can build my self confidence and decision making skills?
  • Will I have the freedom to bring innovation in the solutions I build so that I can strengthen my out of the box thinking capability?
  • Can the organization accomodate my other passions in life so that I can develop a holistic personality, much bigger than just an employee?
  • Is the organization flexible and considerate for my needs, thus giving me an opportunity to become more efficient and productive?
  • Is the organization growing in terms of types of customers, types of projects, and revenues, because only then my growth is guaranteed?
  • Does the organization provide avenues for knowledge and skill sharing to speed up my leadership aspirations and growth opportunities?
  • Is the organization adequately compensating me for my efforts or should I look for other options?


You can add more check-boxes to assess your organization’s LCGP factor. I believe that it’s on all these pillars that we are building the organization, and I would urge you all to try and assess Infoglen on all these pillars. The advantage will be two-fold. You will discover some of the things about Infoglen which you might have so far ignored or missed out. Infoglen will also have to ensure that those pillars are strengthened day in and day out to enhance every team members’ LCGP factor. 

Trust me.



The Choice Is Always Yours


What type of person are you? Glass half full or half empty?

True, we are all living in unprecedented times where our minds are filled with an overabundance of data coming at us from all corners of the world and of all varieties, both positive and negative. It’s up to us as individuals to manage how we react to it all.

I believe that we really only have two choices as we watch and hear all the noise that the news media will often inflate so as to acquire readership and attention. One, we can give up and sit in the corner and allow the world to crumble around us, or two, we can choose to be leaders, take charge of our thoughts and help others.

We are in a very important place here at Infoglen, where so many people are dependent upon us to make the best possible use of their data and technology investments. It’s important therefore to realize the essential nature of the service we provide for the world around us, and this really is the time for us to show leadership and use our talents and expertise to the benefit of us all.

I’ve personally witnessed just how many of you have stepped into the breach and maintained your roles, albeit virtually, and are continuing to keep a strong front in helping guide our clients forward, and you are all to be commended for such efforts. Team Infoglen is definitely made up of the “glass half full” values.




  • Former SBI Boss Arundhati Bhattacharya joins Salesforce India as Head. Salesforce has added her firepower for harnessing India opportunities. 
  • Forrester Research has positioned Salesforce as a leader in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Healthcare CRM Providers, Q1 2020
  • Salesforce CPQ named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites

Infoglen prides in being Salesforce CPQ & Billing Navigator Partner in supporting businesses delivering great value.



Infoglen News


  • Infoglen is pleased to announce signing of a new contract with a major Healthcare Technology Company to help support their CRM.
  • Infoglen held a Webinar on The Nuances of CPQ with in-house expert Alex Selwyn, CEO Haroon Ahmad and special guest John Herson, Senior Manager at Rapid7.  They had a Fireside Chat with Peter G Goral about how CPQ tools help speed up the quote process.






  • What are all the best ways to send large files from Salesforce to external systems? 
  • How to refresh the standard lightning page when the data is updated through triggers/apex?

Infoglen welcomes you to send your responses at


Interesting Facts


  • Forbes lists Salesforce Among World’s Most Innovative Companies for Eighth Consecutive year. s-2018.html  
  • Today, 99 of FORTUNE 100 brands partner with Salesforce. 




SFDX Deployment

Anu from US Team shares an overview on Salesforce DX.



SFDX includes a series of customized tools and features that enable source-driven development and a new level of custom app development. It improves team development and collaboration, facilitates automated testing and continuous integration, and makes the release cycle more efficient and agile.



SFDX Guidelines
  • Enable Dev Hub and setup Dev Hub to Your Production Org. 
  • Set Up a Project on Your Local Machine by Cloning the Git repository to pull all the source code into your local file system. 
  • Create a Scratch Org push the local source to the Scratch Org and development in Scratch Org. 
  • Manage Source Code Management Using Git and Push Your Changes to Git. SFDX Deployments.



  • Development in Scratch Org. 
  • Push Changes to Test SandBox. 
  • Test in Test Sandbox 
  • UAT in Staging Sandbox 
  • Push to Production after UAT
  • Setup Git Access 
  • Installs CLI for DX 
  • Installs Visual Studio Code with Salesforce Extensions 
  • Installs Git (and Java JDK)


What Salesforce DX provides to its users?
  • Version Control System: It encourages developers to back up their code changes, keep version history, and manage changes over time.
  • Use of Scratch orgs: DX introduces the thesis of scratch orgs. It enables you to use a new type of org known as scratch org that is required for setup. Scratch orgs are temporary Salesforce orgs, built from source, used for development and testing, and destroyed when done.You can use them as a temporary environment to make changes, whenever needed by the developers. It is good because instead of using sandbox with different functionalities on it (which may be difficult to keep track of), DX provides you a feature of having different scratch orgs to work upon a different piece of work independently.
  • Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD): DX possesses the capacity to improve the quality and it makes sure to release new modifications to the customers quickly, in a sustainable way.
  • Change Management: It provides developers with more and deeper data insights to change the production and manage it easily.


SFDX Deployments
SFDX Deployment Using Metadata API
  • Convert from source form to metadata api form. 
  • Use the SFDX metadata api to deploy. 


SFDX Deployment Using Unlocked Packages

Start a completely new project, and all your source is contained in Salesforce DX project format (and committed to your version control system). When you’re ready to deliver one of these apps, you create an unlocked package that you can test in a scratch org or sandbox, and then install in your production org. And when the team needs a new feature, you can add it and create a new package version.


Unlocked Packages

  • Create a Package and Package Version to the SFDX source code. 
  • Create a Scratch Org and and Install the Package Version in the Scratch Org.
  • Makes it easier for you to accommodate new feature requests. Simply add, update, and remove components in your package.


Advantages of Salesforce DX 

  • It helps improve team collaboration and development. 
  • It makes the release cycle process more agile and efficient. 
  • A local development work-space is set up for the developer. 
  • It allows the developers to use any tool to modify the code such as CLI, VIM, Sublime, Atom, etc. 
  • Create an Org, then transfer all application source and metadata from GitHub into it. 
  • Facilitates automated testing for your code and enables continuous integration. 
  • Requires a local development setup for the developers to get hands-on expertise on DX.







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