Chat Bots: Revolutionizing Customer Support?

Growing consumer base is the key to successfully take off your business and in this more than ever connected world, the word travels out faster than ever – good or bad. How shall ChatBots transform the industry or change the way customer support functions needs to be waited for and seen. But have you started feeling the impacts of AI transforming ChatBots and the CRM space ?

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Understanding Machine Learning: Quick takeaways for CRM

Machine Learning is the method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. This science enables Computer Systems to self-learn progressively over the time course to demonstrate continuous improvement in results using wide range of algorithms capable of learning from the iterations on the training dataset to offer solution for a wide range of problems that can be remodelled into the broad well-defined general problem categories. The approach contradicts the traditional style of using explicitly programmed (coded) and well-defined instructions for problem-solving.

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